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Rodolfo Morales  

Rodolfo Morales & The Rescue

Built at the end of the sixteenth century, Santa Ana Zegache's church was on the verge of complete collapse. The Rodolfo Morales Cultural Foundation was created to preserve the town's cultural and ecological heritage, with special focus on the conservation and restoration of its art.

With the goal of preserving this wealth of artifacts, the painter Rodolfo Morales invested in the restoration of the church. Work began in 1997, when a team of ten young Zegache women were given the task of restoring the church's murals.

These women had already proved their talents in such artisanal work as weaving and, with the help of Maestro Manuel Serrano, were able to both restore the murals' paintings and re-apply gold-leaf to them.

Not only did these women learn valuable restoration skills but, perhaps more importantly, they received the sense of self-worth that comes with being regarded as productive members of their community.


Unfortunately, with the passing of Maestro Morales, the funds from his foundation dried up, and the team of ten was reduced to only two.

The other young women emigrated to the U.S., where they now work as domestics in hotels and private homes.

In order to keep the project alive, we need to achieve the specific objectives set out by Maestro Morales before his death.