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Santa Ana Zegache, Ocotlán, Oaxaca

Zegache means "place of seven mounds" (zhh gachi) in the Zapotec language. The town is 28 km south of the city of Oaxaca.

The area of the town is 26.79 km², which represents 0.028% of Oaxaca state's total area.

It was the third town to be founded in the state's Central Valleys region, after Zaachila and Tlalixtac de Cabrera.


The two municipal agencies are San Jerónimo Zegache and San Isidro Zagache.

Zegache enjoys a mild climate year-round.

The town has a proud tradition of festivals including mayordomías, tititlatos (re-gulabh in Zapotec), hermandades and cofradías.

Like all other towns in the area, the people of Zegache were converted to Catholicism by the Dominican friars of Santiago Cuilapan who preached, baptized and married the townspeople. Religion was disseminated in both Mixtec and Zapotec languages and parishioners were forced to attend.



Source: Centro de Informática de Santa Ana Zegache, Oaxaca